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Memberships to Parkdale Tennis Club are available.


Membership Types:

Junior: $100 (Under 18 on 1st February)

Senior: $190

Family: $380 (Children must be under 18 on 1st February)
Young Adult: $135 (Under 22 on 1st February)

Coaching Membership: $50*

* To qualify for a coaching membership, the following conditions all need to met:
     - A term of coaching with Michael Logarzo must have been paid for
     - Must be under 18 on 1st February
     - Access will be limited to 8am-6pm Monday to Friday plus the same times on Sunday

See the below for more information in the documents provided.

For any inquiries into our memberships, please contact Membership Club Secretary, 

Clare Stone can be reached on (m) 0414 064 958  or via

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