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  • I just booked a court, but when I enter my pin and press enter the gate does not open."
    You need to allow 20-30mins for the booking to go through the system.
  • I have paid for lights, but the lights have not come on."
    Go back to the entry gate and enter your pin and press enter.
  • I entered my pin at the gate but the lights went out or did not come on.
    You entered your pin prior to 15 mins before your booked time therefore your pin was not activated. Go back to the gate and enter your pin.
  • I have joined the club but have not received my pin number.
    Your pin number is emailed/sms to you when you book a court.
  • My child is a junior club member and they are being charged for court hire.
    The system is reading yourself as booking the court, not your child who is the club member. Please go to the court hire page and follow the step by step instructions for junior court bookings.
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