Update 1- October 2014

In 2014, Parkdale Tennis Club applied for a government grant to upgrade some of our 9 en-tout-cas courts. After months of waiting and campaigning, we received approval - and more crucially- & funding to upgrade 3 of our courts.

Along with this- Tennis Victoria has chosen Parkdale Tennis Club to trial a new online booking system called MyTennis (coming soon).

Update 3- January 2017
Update 4 - March 2017
Update 2- March 2016

Parkdale would like to firstly apologise for the lack of information made available since having received the grants. But you will be pleased to know that it has not been without reason- and they will be outlined in detail below by the coordinator of the court upgrades, Colin Crawford. (A brief outline is available in the latest newsletter)

Tennis Courts Resurfacing Update.

March 2016                                                     Written by Colin Crawford

Just recently the Club signed off on the resurfacing design of courts 7, 8 and 9, which is great news.

It has been over 15 months since the initial funding announcement by the Victorian State Government and the City of Kingston in October 2014.


During this time, Colin Crawford, Victoria Evers and Kaye Faulks, acting on behalf of the club have been in lengthy negotiations with the City of Kingston regarding the design of the courts and funding.

We were thrown a backhand bouncing top spin serve, when we were told that the grants were subject to the court’s surrounding area being built larger, to current Tennis Vic guidelines, rather than using the current surface area.


This means we need to add approximately 2.8m from fence to fence in both, North – South and East – West directions. It does not sound much but it means: new lights for all three courts, a new switchboard, more retaining walls, better drainage system, all of which add to the cost of the projects construction.

On behalf of the club we argued strongly to build the courts on the existing surface area template but it reached a stage that funding would be withdrawn from the State Government and Kingston City Council (KCC), if we did not agree to extend the surface area.


We reluctantly agreed.


The cost estimates now, instead of being around $380,000 came in at $743,000.


And to make matters worse the project designer appointed by council, recommended we move the courts East instead of West by 2.8 meters so that we don’t go into the Gerry Green Reserve embankment and to ‘save costs’ by keeping the lights at the western side of court 9. (This cost saving assumption was incorrect as a new larger retaining wall was required, which defeated the purpose of keeping these lights.)


It was decided by the club that the proposed design was unacceptable as it was unsafe, reduced the viewing area to zero from the eastern side of court 7 and also made it impossible to view play, on courts 5 & 6. A new engineered designed retaining wall was also required to replace the current bluestone wall (between court 7 & 6, which added to the project costs as mentioned earlier.)


After numerous meetings and telephone calls, together with gaining the support of our wards three councillors and local state member, council officers agreed to shift the courts west not east. This meant that the current fence boundary line between court 7 and the grassed area will now be maintained.


The wire fence line in front of the club house will move approximately 1m north. The courts at the northern end will protrude into the car park area by 2.8 m approximately.


We were also concerned with the court construction methodology proposed by the project designer. The lack of an adequate drainage system, should heavy rain pour down and flood the courts, resulting in extra maintenance costs was also an issue.


As a result of these concerns we decided to obtain additional court construction cost estimates from proven public court construction companies. These estimates ranged from $450,000 to $650,000. These figures proved to council officers that the project could be substantially reduced, when compared to the initial cost estimate of $743,000 from the project designer.


The project designer had also not taken into consideration other minor design factors the club required e.g. a water fountain being installed between court 7 & 8 and on court 9. These and other items are now included in the new design signed off just before Christmas 2015.


The next step is to obtain a precise cost estimate from a quantity surveyor. Once we know how much we are short on funding the project, we can then apply to KCC, the State GovernmentTennis Vic for additional grants.


The local ward councillors have been advised throughout the design and funding process and we especially thank Cr Geoff Gledhill for his support and guidance together with the assistance of Cr Ron Brownlees OAM and Cr Rosemary West OAM.


The local state member Tim Richardson MP has also been informed of developments. Tim has also confirmed his assistance in obtaining additional funding.


The club would like to thank the following members and social players for their assistance in the resurfacing project:

Colin Crawford - Coordinator, Victoria Evers – Facilities Engineer Consultant (Honorary),

Kaye Faulks – Club Secretary, Greg Jones - Facilities Committee, Chris Howley - Facilities Committee, Neil Jackson - Facilities Committee, Clare Stone and Mark Bradley.


Where do we go from here…?

Council to receive quantity surveyor cost estimate.                                  February 2016

The club and council prepare additional project                          February to April 2016

funding applications.      

Obtain grant application results.                                                            May to June 2016

Commence works.                                                                           October 2016 onwards


Finally, it is the aim of all stakeholders to construct a ‘quality’ project that would last another 60 years, subject to normal maintenance costs. Our goal is for all club members, social players, visitors and the public to be proud to say they enjoyed playing at the facilities at Parkdale Tennis Club.


If you want further information on Parkdale Tennis Club's Court Resurfacing project, please conact the coordinator- Colin Crawford. Colin can be reached on 0425 838 800 or at

In 2014, we applied for a government grant to upgrade some of our 9 en-tout-cas courts.
After months of waiting and campaigning, we received approval & funding to do 3 courts (7, 8 & 9 [the top 3, closest to the football oval]).
After almost 1.5 years, the designs were approved & tender was made.

Now after 2 years, THE WORKS HAVE FINALLY BEGUN!!!
We will keep you updated with an ETA of completion, keep an eye on our social media pages as well as the front page of the website!

At the moment, we are expecting the works on the courts to be completed by the end of April.
But for us to be able to complete the project, we need more money. To do this we are applying for some more grants.

One in particular is the Holden Home Ground Advantage Grant. To support this, one of the club has made a video. We are hoping that if our video gets a lot of views, it will increase our chances of successfully receiving this grant. We are asking if you can watch the YouTube Video below, like it & share anywhere and any way you can.

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Update 5 - June 2017
Courts Handed Over to Committee

Our new courts are ready to go. On Tuesday the 23rd of May members of the PTC Committee and Facilities Committee did a handover with Kingston City Council, Grasse Sports and Contek. On Wednesday the 24th of May the committee completed training on the My Book a Court Software. We hope to have this up and running soon. More details will follow.

The PTC Committees on the new Synthetic Grass courts

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