Booking a Court

Courts can be booked HERE


If you are a member you can book a court at no charge between 7am to 7.30pm in daylight savings time.  If you are booking on behalf on your child who is a member you will need to sign in using their name, otherwise it will charge for the court. 


Non members

For non members it costs $10 per half hour to hire a court.


After 7.30pm there is a charge of $5 per half hour for usage of the lights.  Please note that this does not mean the lights come at 7.30pm.  The lights are on a sensor and will come on when it becomes dark.  As of 18th October we have changed the night schedule from 5pm to 7.30pm as sunset is now 7.40pm.  As the days become longer this will be extended out.

Online Court booking

All courts must be booked online. When you have booked a court, you will be issued a pin code via email and also via SMS.  To access the gate you need to enter your 4 digit pin code and then enter the return button.  The access code will only work 15 minutes prior to your booking.  If you do not put your pin code on entering and you have booked lights, they will not come on. 


Bookings can not be edited, however you can cancel bookings.  Previously the cancellation window was 6 hours prior to your booking.  This has now been changed to 2 hours prior to your booking.  If you cancel with less then 2 hours of your booking, it is not refundable.

Bookings at present can only be made for an hour and half duration per booking and can only be made a week in advance.  This is to ensure everyone has access to utilise the courts. 

When entering and leaving the venue can you please ensure the gate closes to ensure security is maintained.

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